Welcome to EPISD’s Facility Usage Website!

We are excited to offer an easy, online method to reserve a facility at one of our schools.  This program will allow you to choose the site you are interested in and setup options to make sure your event is perfectly coordinated at one of the district’s facilities. 

All information entered is secure and approved online.  Please note it is important that you submit your request with plenty of time (at least 20 days before the event). This is so that if there are any questions to answer or you need to provide documentation we have time to review.  Keep in mind that some spaces will require more approvals than others, i.e. Athletic Facilities, so those will take longer to approve. If you will need to pay fees we ask that you pay with a credit card preferably if paying by checking account (ACH) then this will take a little longer to process. If your event runs longer than what the request was for, additional fees will be charged.

Once submitted and approved, a notification is sent to you to “Accept the Terms and Conditions” and once you accept and provide payment information if any is required, your request is officially approved.

Thank you for choosing El Paso Independent School District!